Designs & Printings

Our team of professional artists knows how to convert your brief into a masterpiece that fulfills your business objectives with a creative artistic approach. and

We offer you the best quality at reasonable prices and ensure an efficient, flexible, and robust print procurement process


Products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind, we make sure your brand is recognized and well represented.


We create the right promotional giveaways that boost your event or promotional strategy, we craft masterpieces that are both attractive and robust at reasonable prices.

Exhibitions & Events

Our on-ground team can do wonders when it comes to effective team building, corporate entertainment, staff training, and development, conference & exhibitions, and booth production.


Booths make customers experience your product or brand for a few moments, that’s why in Minatec we create booths with a plan that ensures the maximum exposure of products/brands in an easy and welcoming aesthetics, taking advantage of all the spaces available.

Showrooms & Stores

We bring your brand to life! Having your store set up rightfully from day one is very important. We take care of your brand representation in your store in all dimensions making sure clients enter your store with enthusiasm and leave it we an urge to return!

Our Clients

Our ever-expanding client list comes from a wide range of industries, they continue to trust us
to deliver successful and cost-effective unique marketing solutions.